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Success story in Saxony: Nineteen years of the Porsche production facility in Leipzig

PORSCHE LEIPZIG |On-Road Circuit | Conventions in Leipzig
PORSCHE LEIPZIG | Picture: Porsche Leipzig GmbH

Pay Porsche Leipzig a visit at IMEX 2019 at Stand F 150.

Back in the year 2000 when Porsche added a second production plant in addition to the main plant in Zuffenhausen, nobody anticipated that it would develop so rapidly. The Swabian manufacturer of sports cars has long made a second home for itself in Saxony with its rich automotive tradition. The factory is among one of the most modern and sustainable car factories in the world. Panamera and Macan are produced here. However, in Leipzig Porsche is a lot more than merely a production facility. The Customer Center in Leipzig offers visitors and customers many diverse Porsche experiences first hand. An experience to set the pulse racing!
Experiencing Porsche in Leipzig at first hand – behind the scenes and behind the wheel. In the fascinating world of Porsche:
The customer center, called ‘the diamond’ due to its unique shape is at ‘the heart’ of Porsche experience in Leipzig. Porsche Leipzig welcomes more than 40,000 guests a year. Among them are customers picking up their car at the plant as well as visitors, and also event participants. That's because Porsche Leipzig offers facilities for events of different types and sizes. With a special atmosphere: The Porsche Auditorium, with its stage that can be illuminated and a large size screen, offers a wide range of uses and provides several hundred guests with a 360° view of the fascinating world of Porsche Leipzig. The Board Room also offers a magnificent view of the track, turning every meeting into an unforgettable experience. A pit stop in our panorama restaurant guarantees culinary delights. Another highlight of our event location: a special accompanying program. For example in the form of a factory tour or a driving experience on the FIA-certified Porsche on-road circuit. 11 curves inspired by world-famous racing circuits, ranging from the Loews curve at Monaco, the Corkscrew at Laguna Seca, the Suzuka S of the same-named racing circuit in Japan and the Parabolica at Monza, have been incorporated here. You can experience at first hand the sport enhanced features of the Macan, Cayenne, Panamera, Boxster, Cayman and 911 on this track. Another specialty: the off-road track. On a six kilometer long off-road track 15 off-road modules are available. Steep ascents or extreme ramps can be climbed in this way in the Porsche Macan or Cayenne. During this unforgettable SUV experience customers get to know what the vehicle can do when it is taken to the very limits. Large parts of the area have been left in their natural state and provide a habitat for around 27 wild horses and 75 aurochs cattle. Visitors can drive up and down extreme ramps and slopes in Macan or Cayenne.
Porsche Leipzig offers professional service for events of various types and sizes. This conference venue has amazing facilities. Particularly impressive: the Porsche Auditorium. With an illuminated stage and large-scale screen, it is extremely versatile and offers several hundred guests a panoramic view of the Porsche Leipzig complex. Our boardroom also offers a breathtaking view of the entire circuit. Therefore, every conference will be a unique experience. We guarantee culinary delicacies during a “pit stop” in our panorama restaurant.
Would the Porsche sound make your event a memorable one, too?  Start your engines and visit our website at to book your special Porsche event!

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