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Coronavirus - information from Leipzig

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Current information

The new Saxon Corona Protection Ordinance is valid from October 21, 2021 and limited to November 21, 2021.
In addition to the current measures, an optional 2G model has been introduced, which will enable, among other things, all distance and capacity restrictions and the mask requirement to be lifted in
indoor events and mayor events if only vaccinated or recovered visitors are present. If this option is to be used, the appropriate health department must be notified by mail three business days in advance.
The option of admitting only vaccinated and recovered persons is eliminated when the overload level is reached. Then 2G becomes mandatory - mask obligation as well as capacity restrictions must be observed.

  • The hosting of meetings, trade fairs and congresses will henceforth be permitted irrespective of incidence, provided that a written hygiene concept is observed.
  • Mayor events* are permitted under the following condition:
    • contact tracking
    • daily negative COVID-19 test, vaccinated or convalescent proof
    • an approved hygiene concept
    • MNP compulsory away from your own seat
  • From a certain incidence of infection, restrictions come into force following scales:
    • seven-day incidence over 35
    • pre-warning level
    • overload level
 * Mayor events are gatherings of more than 1,000 visitors at the same time, regardless of the type and location of the event.